Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm a slave driver...

I even give the baby chores that make her tired, i.e. watching me cook.
But I let them relax after their toil.

As for us (the adults), we just put in an application for a place here in Gaithersburg (but not the Village, yay!). I seriously love this house. Everything is finished- doors close- including closets, the appliances are new, the carpet is nice, the deck is sturdy, the yard is prob 3 times as big as our current one, and the walk-out basement even has COLOR! It's sad that these things make us excited, but they do. Our options in VA so far have fallen through- if this house doesn't work out then we'll have to go down to Woodbridge again to check out some new places since I think this house might be the only decent house in our price range here in Gaithersburg.

Oh, and tomorrow Grace and I are going to Kindergarten Orientation! It most likely will not be the school that she will go to in the fall, but at least she'll get a chance to see what it's like. I'm sure we'll go check out whichever school we get assigned to before she starts.


Debbie's said...

Moira's so dang cute! And the house sounds great- is it a townhouse again? I can't wait to see it later this year, provided you get in :D Of course, we'd visit you in a cardboard box, too ;)
And have a blast at Kindergarten orientation!! CrAZy... she can't be that old!

Shawna said...

yeah it's a townhouse- you can't rent a SFH here for less than $2000 (possibly more).