Monday, September 24, 2012

She has a Record Now...

I got a call from the assistant principal this afternoon letting me know that Liliana was written up last Friday for throwing rocks at another student.  Yeah.  I asked if it was intentional, and she said that it seems that way- it was a substitute that wrote it up, so she couldn't easily follow up.  She had to call Liliana to the office today to discuss how we treat others and what is and is not appropriate behavior.

On a lighter note, the assistant principal said she had a hard time disciplining her because she was so cute and funny.  Liliana told her that when her three year old sister hits her, she has to do squats.  Ms. Kazemi had to ask what those were and Liliana proceeded to show her.  It's a good thing she knows what they are because she might be doing some when she gets home.

* So, we had a good chat about not throwing rocks and she was informed about her punishment.  (She says that she threw the rocks because she was afraid.  Not sure if that's true or it just sounds good- either way I told her she needs to find a teacher next time instead.)  She cried, she wanted loves, and then she went to get a snack. 

NOW, she is making a picture for the assistant principal because Liliana thinks she is nice.  Hmmmm... interesting response to being sent to the office... not sure how to take this....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple Eater

It's apple season! I love it when the prices drop in the fall and I can buy bags of fresh apples for cheap. Which I did today. Sadly, they didn't last very long. As I was unloading groceries from the car Violet found the bag of apples and proceeded to eat them; well, eat one or tow bites from one apple, and then do the same to another apple, and another (till about 5 or 6). Too bad my kids don't like apple desserts- I could make some apple cobbler or something...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

You've been X'ed

Ah the joys of raising girls- where insults are more painful than punches.

The new insult in our house is being X'ed. It's quite traumatic. Moira was just explaining to me before quiet time that Liliana had X'ed her this morning and that she would have to X her this afternoon. I asked her if that would make Liliana sad. She matter of a factly answered "Yes."

They even try to use it on us (the parents). For example:

Moira: Daddy, you need to stop saying that or I am going to X you.

(Daddy says whatever he was saying again.)

Moira: Ok, Daddy, I am X-ing you. (She proceeds to draw an X in the air with her finger. Moira adds an extra "something" by squinting while she does this, making it SO much funnier. She then nods her head with satisfaction, smiles are her accomplishment, and carries on.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Moira and Violet

School is back in session which means backpacks, paperwork, lunches, and schedules- even at home! As the dust settled from the chaos that is the first day of school, I realized that Moira and Violet play really well together when they are alone. Violet is finally old enough to interact, and Moira doesn't feel the need to terrorize her for whatever reason. Nap time is quiet. Going out isn't as hectic. We like school. :)

Moira has joined a playschool that my friend started up. I think she was expecting something more like what her sisters do, but she still had a great time playing with friends and learning the letter A. I treated the special day just like the other girls had, with a picture outside:

As much as we like our quiet time at the house, we also like it when the girls get home. I open the door when it gets close to bus drop off, and this is often what is awaiting our homecomers:

Now tell, me if she still looks like a baby to you....

because she's starting to look all grown up to me...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Again!

School has started! I have to say I am excited this year; the girls were getting antsy and sadly, I was, too. I love my kids, but it's hard to meet all their needs at once. They're at the age that they need more than me. Plus, Moira is a whole other child when the older ones are not here (ie sweeter). So we put the girls on the bus today and started a new routine.

I can't believe how much these girls have grown!
New 1st Grader!

New 3rd Grader