Thursday, October 18, 2012

Political Season

Sorry, no political rants this year- my positions haven't changed over the past four years, so what I said then still remains the same.  I will say that I can't wait for it to be over.

But I have realized this year how much I influence my children's view of politics.  Which is funny because I honestly don't remember my parents ever talking about politics.  I was at least in high school before I determined which side of the aisle my parents were on- and I was grateful that it was the same as mine, since it eliminated the need for a new conflict.  But I digress, I'm writing about my children...

Grace is addicted to TV.  She will watch whatever is on- even the news.  So she watches the news with me.  Four years ago she was only four and I remember even then she wanted the same candidate as me.  They had a mock election in her class last month, after which she and her friends discussed politics at the lunch table!  Once, recently, I had to correct her when she tried to deface a Newsweek picture of the President.  I explained to her that regardless of who we want to win, that the office of the President of the United States deserves respect.  I don't agree with his policies, I told her, but he is still a man who loves his family and is trying to do what he thinks is right.  He is a person, and that in itself deserves respect.  Hopefully she heard the bigger lesson that I was trying to teach- disagreement does not have to mean disrespect. 

But I can't begrudge her what she did this morning.  There was a pile of junk mail out- ready to go into recycling.  She saw a familiar face on the top and got very excited.   She grabbed it, as well as the one underneath it and ran them upstairs to her room.  When I put Violet down for a nap, I happened to glance over to Grace's picture holder on her wall.

There are two pictures of Mitt Romney on my eight year old's wall.

I just can't hep but to laugh.