Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Some pics of the girls and I carving the pumpkins. I'm sure we'll have some up of costumes tomorrow:)Grace was more helpful this year:)Liliana colored her pumpkin- I don't think it was meant for carving...Aren't they the cutest sisters?This is Yoda getting some love- he's really warmed up to them lately... I think he finally figured out they're here to stay (and they sneak him treats).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Summer's Farm

We went on our annual trip to Summer's Farm yesterday. It was a beautiful day, though a bit chilly. The girls had a great time (and so did we!). We love this family tradition that we have started. Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok, I am officially fed up.

I'm interested in government and I've been following this presidential race fairly closely. I was excited earlier in the year, but this race has just dragged on WAAAYYY too long. It wouldn't be so bad except at this point, it's only about the spin. On both sides. I'm not sure who is right, and at this point I'm too frustrated to research every accusation. The media is mostly skewed to the left- the few leftover are skewed to the right. Noone is impartial. Why can't the media just report? Why do I have to do research to see if the news reporter was getting the story right? I'm watching so that I can take advantage of their time spent investigating- which they are getting PAID for. Do your job and stop stumping for either candidate.

I wish there were a different way to elect our president. I wish we could get rid of the spin. I want the candidates to stand on what they believe and leave it at that. Stop trying to make everyone happy- stop saying one thing to one group, and then twisting it when you're in front of a different group so that they aren't offended by your idea. Make up your mind. If you are against abortion (or for it) say it and explain your position. Half will support you, the other won't, but at least they'll respect you for sticking to a position. If you want to cut taxes on corporations, don't try to hide it- explain WHY- "I'm cutting taxes for corporations so that they will have enough money to create new jobs so the rest of America can make money too." Seriously, why haven't the republicans just said that? Many Americans would understand that! Give us some credit! And hey, if you want to redistribute wealth and make our country socialist say that too. We'll figure out your true intentions eventually when you're in office anyway. But let us decide whether we really WANT you in the office. Why get in there by deceiving us? Is your run for office really about serving the American people, or is it about a life-long pursuit of power?

Cuz here's my point: America works by a majority. State your ideas- if most Americans agree with you, then you will win the election- and that's how it should be. The president should be the person who represents the ideals of the majority of Americans. You CANNOT please everyone. But you can gain the support of a majority. Your desire for the office should not override the basic principle that the best person for the job is the one that holds the same ideas as most Americans.

So we need to implement some new system for the election season. Have all the candidates fill out the same questionaire stating where they stand on the issues, who influences their positions, their past experience, and their ideas for the future. Then we should make them all take lie-detector tests to make sure that they're sincere. Then publish the results on the web, without pictures or names (just assign letters, ie Candidate A, Candidate B, etc), and let America decide who they align with the most. Color, race, sex, religion, or beauty won't matter. And the ideas will be pure and lack the spin that clouds them today. And maybe we'll finally pick someone based on merit, as opposed to their abilty to pay for ads or how many Washington friends they have.

A girl can dream, right?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lazy Saturday...

Haven't posted much about the girls lately, so I thought I'd update.

Liliana, who could have cared less about media just a few months ago, is now facsinated with movies- specifically Ice Age. She is cracking up as I type. She calls it the "baby movie." She is also talking more- making her desires known. She can be quite demanding. She loves her baby dolls and is very good at taking care of them- except when she throws them up in the air and yells "weeeeeeeeeee!" I'll have to explain that we don't do that with real babies in a few months.

Grace got to go to the Washington DC temple today with the Primary. We had a great time- she told me her favorite part was singing (I love to See the Temple) on the temple steps. She is also into baby dolls right now (leading to many fights between the 2 of them as to who had a certain baby first). She is making so many connections about the world now- constantly asking questions and telling me her conclusions. It's amazing to watch. I'm glad to see that she's not shy like me- she has her scared moments of course, but she's pretty sure about her world. That makes me happy.

Kaylon and I are plugging along. Kaylon's work has been... interesting, due to the markets recently. Working late is not abnormal. I am feeling more and more pregnant. My lung capactity is dwindling, but I stick to my conviction that it's better than hip pain. I love this time of year though, and we're excited to go to the pumpkin farm soon!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Belly Shot- 23 weeks

Thought the wedding was a good time for a new belly shot- This is almost 23 weeks.

Jocelyn and Jeremy's Wedding

Well they did it! Jocelyn and Jeremy got married. Everything was perfect, excpet maybe the weather, but hey, we didn't get the hurricane, so we were happy!

Jocelyn was beautiful, of course, and the girls were adorable. Grace and Liliana did a great job as flower girls- Liliana collapsed into a fit just before showtime, but with the help of Jocelyn's dad (thanks Tim!), we got her under control and they were able to walk very slowly down the aisle and won the crowd over. It was too cute.

Then we took some pictures with the party and headed to the recpetion. I, of course, had to embarass myself in my toast... I forgot Jocelyn's ex was the bartender and I made mention how none of her ex's were worthy of her (in order to show how perfect Jeremy was for her). Oh well. Grace was the life of the party- getting everyone out on the dance floor. Liliana did extremely well for only having an hour nap in the car- she enjoyed dancing with Daddy the most since he would swing her around on the dance floor. We were exhasted by the end of the night and were so glad that we got to crash at the Packer's house!

It was a great day and I am so happy that we could be there to celebrate with Jocelyn and her new hubby.