Monday, December 29, 2008

And here is the other half of my reasons to laugh:)

Liliana and Sprinkles

Now you will know half of the reasons why I laugh a lot during the day :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

We had a wonderful Christmas at the McInelly house. On Christmas Eve we visited the alzheimer's home that Kaylon used to work at and we sang Christmas carols and the girls handed out clementines. Grace had the microphone and is becoming quite the entertainer! Liliana finally felt comfortable enough to dance near the end, and was quite a hit as well.

Later we had our Christmas Eve dinner and then headed out to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights. We came home to Kaylon's signature hot chocolate to warm us up. Then Kaylon told the Christmas story, which we then acted out (I played the very pregnant Mary, of course).

The girls then gave each other the gifts they had picked out for each other. Liliana got her first Barbie and Grace got her favorite princess- Aurora.

We made up a plate for Santa and his reindeer- Liliana insisted on the onion!

Santa did eventually arrive after the girls were fast asleep!

I've been telling Kaylon for 3 months now that there is no way that we could afford a Xbox 360... I had him totally fooled until I carried the big box up the stairs to the tree. He told me later that he had a hard time sleeping that night and wanted to go down and peek in the box (wouldn't have helped him- I had put it in another box). He was a happy boy to say the least.

We stopped taking pics after these- it just gets to be too much. So we decided to get a picture of the girls with all their presents together. They are quite the happy girls!

So Grace now knows that the next event is Momma's birthday- and after that- the baby is coming! I guess we should start getting ready for that...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This little cow went to market...

As we were putting the girls down to bed tonight, I started doing "This little piggy" with Liliana's toes. When I was done she got up and started taking off my slippers. I didn't understand until she started saying "piggy- toes!" Then she pinched each of my toes, saying something we couldn't understand as she did. I tried to prompt her to say the "weeeeee all the way home" by asking what the little pig said. Instead she started snorting after each toe pinch. That was cute enough, but then my toes starting mooing! There's never a dull moment when that girl is around!

Kaylon's Work Party

Kaylon's work has an annual holiday party that we always attend- and usually there are very few kids, so I dress them to impress:) Just wanted to share how cute they were and give a shout out to Angela who made the bows for their hair!

Visit From Pop and Grandma Jay

Pop and Grandma Jay came up for the day and we had a great time. Yoda even got a special visit from Grandma Jay's dog DeeDee, which the girls enjoyed as well.
Grace showed off her ability to play Old Maid, Crazy 8's, and Go Fish, and Liliana loved to chase Pop in funny hats. We also decorated (and ate) some sugar cookies.
All in all, a great day:)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scared of getting old...

No I'm not talking about myself, although when I turn 27 next month that will solidly put me in my late 20's, and out of the mid-20's which is daunting. No, my 4 year old is terrified of getting older.

I'm not sure how it all started. I think it was after explaining that when people get older their bodies don't work as well and they die and go live with Heavenly Father. That's the only thing I can figure. But lately, every day, Grace turns somber and tells me that she doesn't want to get older. Yesterday it was right after she asked how old I was and then said that she didn't want to be old like me (I get her perspective, but really, I'm not OLD!). Then she starts crying and saying she doesn't even want to turn 5- that she wants to stay 4. A few times she has also said that she doesn't want ME to die- I think that might be the real issue. I tried to tell her that it's not something to worry about right now, but she stayed true to form as my daughter, and continues to build an ulcer over it. I can't make any promises about my stay on this earth- but I don't plan on leaving any time soon... But I remember worrying the same way about my mother- and my mom says that as a child I didn't want to grow up either. I guess she's just a lot like me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Visit with Santa

Thanks to Toni and Lydia for sending me pics when I forgot my camera- too bad my girls wouldn't look at the camera at the same time!
Grace is really excited about Santa this year. Honestly, I was amazed that Liliana sat on his lap. At the mall she just glared at him and told him 'No.'

34 week belly shot

Here due to popular demand- my 34 week pic. Baby has a good heartbeat- measured a little small this week, but the doc thinks that was due to position. We get another ultrasound in 2 weeks and then it's the waiting game!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Funny sayings of Grace

Grace is so funny sometimes. She doesn't mean to be, but she is. In fact, if we tell her she's funny, or silly, she usually makes a sour face and says, "No, I'm not funny/silly, I'm pretty/a princess.

So this week's funny sayings:

Kaylon bought a 10$ TV on craigslist a few weeks ago, which allows us to actually get all our channels since it's on the 3rd floor in our bedroom, instead of the basement. This means we get PBS, which is a lifesaver in the morning. So the girls get up at 7:30 (when their music goes off) and they run into the room and give one of us the remote so we can turn on Noddy. Earlier this week they had a story line where Noddy's friend took all the chocolates that were meant to share with all the townsfolk and he ate them all- and got a stomach ache. You can imagine the rest.

So, that morning we went grocery shopping right after dropping Kaylon off at the Metro. I hadn't had enough to drink at breakfast, so I deciede to get myself my first Snapple in probably a year. The girls also got a donut to share since they were "good" (that was really debatable, but no tantrums). I opened my drink in the car, ready to savor its goodness, and Grace noticed, asking me what it was. I explained and she asked if she could have some. I told her that this was mommy's treat and she had a donut. Then in a chiding voice she said, "But mommy, it's better to share- just like when the bear took all the chocolates from Noddy and ate them all and got a stomach ache. Noddy said that we should share." I couldn't argue with that. (Stupid moral teaching cartoons...)

Funny thing #2:
We went to the mall today (I am FINISHED shopping! Kaylon still has to finish shopping for me, but I don't have to worry about that!). As we were getting ready Grace wondered if we would see Santa. Kaylon said that he wanted to sit on Santa's lap. Grace laughed and told him that was silly. Kaylon insisted that he wanted to do it and started listing all the things he wanted for Christmas. Grace shook her head and told him, "Daddy, you're too big to sit on Santa's lap. Just give it up, Dad!" Kaylon and I just looked at each other and bust up laughing.

Not to leave out Liliana, she's adorable as well. She loves picking up Kaylon at the metro, and starts calling for him as soon as she can see the lights of the parking garage. She has started "stealing" our noses and putting them in her belly. She's also quick to tell us "No" when we do something she doesn't like, and is falls to pieces if we have to scold her for something- especially if it's Kaylon that does the scolding. She tried to hold it in for a few seconds, but then her face puckers and she dissolves into tears. It is the saddest thing to see. Of course then Kaylon dissolves as well. He's a good daddy.

Well, Kaylon just got home with my tree lights.... hopefully these will work!