Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magic Revealed

I knew it had to come soon, but who knew it would be the bunny that gave it away?  My conversation with Grace yesterday:

G: Mom, I need to ask you a question, but I think I already know the answer.

M: ok. (Holy crap, is this about the birds and bees again?)

G: Is the Easter Bunny real?

M: (phew) Why do you ask?

G: Because the plastic eggs are always the same and you always know where the eggs are hidden.

M: Hmmmm... I think you already know the answer.  (She smiles)  But it was fun right?  Would you have it any other way?

G: No. :)

Then we talked about the girls and keeping it fun for them.  The surprising thing to me was that she didn't make the connection with a certain man who is important to the upcoming season.  We'll see if tbe gears continue to turn...