Sunday, May 29, 2011

Before the Craziness Really Starts...

I feel like I haven't written enough about the girls funny stories lately. Things have been hectic and I have felt so overwhelmed I've dropped a lot that wasn't absolutely necessary. But now that I no longer have to clean my house for prospective renters every day and the baby is no longer breech, I feel like I can breathe again. So before the new princess takes over the spotlight, I'd like to journal a little about the first three.

Grace is doing fantastic in school. She's social, smart, and caring. She has lots of friends and she has the best stories about what happens at recess. Right now there are two competing clubs- they have the names of big cats- can't remember which ones. They try to trick each other at recess- they design elaborate plans and make notes for each other in order to carry out said plans. It's nothing sinister- no bullying or things like that. But it's hilarious how serious she takes it! She is also a great big sister. She loves to read to the girls, which is so satisfying to me... her doing something for her sisters that I did for her- it's just really sweet. She helps the girls get dressed in the morning all on her own, and has tried her hand at Moira's diapers. She loves to make up "projects" in the evening- usually assembling paper and crayons and giving the girls an idea of what to draw or a card to make. She also helps me, especially now that that it's harder to walk. She runs up and down stairs to get things for me, helps me off the couch when I'm laying down, and even gave me a back massage today! She is my little mother! She's understanding more and more and I'm scared to think that she will be seven soon... wasn't it just yesterday that I was getting ready to give birth to her?

Liliana is a dual-emotion child. She can change on the flip of a coin. Sometimes she is outgoing, talking to everyone, won't let you have a word edgewise; and then just like that, she is shy, sullen, and rude, refusing to give you the time of day. I don't know what her criteria is, but she decides if she likes you at first glance. Her feelings are tender- easily hurt; but if you're the right person, doing the right thing, it's fairly quick to repair as well. If you're not... well, expect the cold shoulder for a while. She's finally become interested in writing and can write all the letters in her name, although not usually in order. She uses mature phrases and patterns of speech that sound so funny coming out of her four and half year old mouth. And she loves to sing. And I love hearing her. And I love hearing her play. At the moment she is playing with Moira- she has a convoluted story going on and she tells Moira exactly what to say and what is happening, and Moira is just playing along. And she's in love with her daddy now- they're going to get married- in the temple- when she's older, we have been told.

Moira is a fireball. I should have known from the womb with that child. Moira gave me two bruises while in utero- one on my uterus and the other above my ribs. She is just as feisty as a two year old as she was then. Just the other day she ran out of nowhere and tackled Liliana from the side- just bowled her over! She often makes her older sisters cry by stealing toys or hitting/biting/spitting/pinching if she doesn't get her way. If she doesn't like what you're saying, she blows a raspberry at you. If she wants to "attack" you she points her finger at you and makes a "pchew" sound. But then she comes over with the biggest hugs and kisses you've ever seen- or tells you that she loves you, and she melts your heart. She is very concerned about schedules and routines and will tell you if you are out of sync. She knows what belongs to who and loves to help you get reunited with your things. If I were in a position to run up and down stairs I would potty train her, but it would probably hurt me, so she'll just have to deal with diapers a bit longer. I love to hear her talk- she understands so much and is so excited to communicate that to you. Oh- and she puts on her own sandals now, and always asks if they're on the right feet. It's so cute!

Being a mom isn't always easy- the monotony of the daily tasks is usually what gets to me. But these girls make sure that life is not boring. I laugh with them (or at them) everyday and that helps me remember why I do it, and how important it is that I am there for them. Things are going to be crazy for the next one to three months- a baby, moving, new friends and school... but as long as I have my family around me, I am always home.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally... An Obedient Child!

I am so happy to report that baby girl number 4 has turned on her own!!!! Such a relief! Now I can go about my business for the next three weeks without worrying about that! I was so happy at the office I forgot to discuss some other things with my doctor, but we can always do that next week :)

Thank you for all the prayers, good luck, and good thoughts from everyone. I truly believe it made a difference.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plans in Place

My doctor found another Kaiser doctor who preforms versions in the next county. So I will be heading to see her May 23rd for a regular appointment, and then if all looks good I am scheduled for the version the next day, Tuesday the 24th at 2:30 at Reston Hospital. I feel better now that I at least have a chance at turning this baby forcefully if she doesn't do it on her own. Still hoping for the less painful option of her listening to her mother and getting in place on her own. We shall see if that will work.

When it rains...

Today was my 36 week appointment. Countdown of the last 4 weeks. The beginning of the end. My doc did the strep B test and I declined the internal (my dilation at 36 weeks has NO bearing on when I will go into labor). I asked him if the baby felt head down. He said it felt that way but that he couldn't be sure without an internal exam. I was about to blow it off and told him I trusted his judgement, but then he suggested that we do an u/s just to be sure. I'm not one to turn down seeing my baby, so off we went to the sono room.

As he is looking at the screen he asks me what made me ask about her being breech- mother's intuition? I told him that my first was breech and was turned by version at 37 weeks. And then he said the thing that I fear the most at this point in pregnancy: the baby is breech.


Really NOT what I need right now.

So what are my options? My doctor is not experienced in doing a version (turning the baby from the outside) so he does not feel comfortable doing it. He says that it is a dying art due to the ease at which doctors can do c-sections instead. He is calling around today to find out if there are any doctors in the area who would be willing to do the procedure.

IF there is a doctor willing, it would need to happen next week. Past 37 weeks the baby gets too big to turn and there is less fluid to ease the process.

IF there is a doctor willing, it's still not a happy thing. The procedure is extremely painful. They give you a drug that calms your uterus that makes you all jittery and you sign away your life beforehand so that they can rush you to an OR if anything goes wrong. It's not something that I want to do again. But I'd take it over a c-section.

It's still possible for this girl to turn. There's room and she's not engaged in my pelvis yet. This is my first choice if I were to chose what would happen. Lots of prayers will begin...

My final option is a c-section. I have NEVER wanted a c-section. I know they're common now, yada yada yada- and I'm not dissing anyone who's had one- but I just don't like them. I would hate being strapped to a table, cut open, to not be able to hold my baby right away, the long healing time afterward... I have always been a full participant in my labors- I find joy in the labor and birth process. It just makes me sad to think about it. Of course if that's my only option, then that's what I'll do... the baby's health is the most important thing. It's just not what I wanted.

But then, who ever said that we get everything that we want?

I'll post again when my doctor calls to let me know my options.

Happy Birthday Kaylon!

We got to celebrate Kaylon's 29th birthday yesterday! Liliana started the day off with a bang when she got so excited that she told Kaylon half of the presents we had gotten him the day before. We had a discussion after that about secrets and surprises.

Kaylon got off of work early and we surprised him by taking him out to an Indian restaurant. I have been anti-Indian food since he started to love it, so this was a big deal. Turns out he was just feeding me the wrong Indian food. While Kaylon is a "drown everything in sauce guy" I'm not. Turns out he only introduced me to the saucy Indian food... I have now found out that I like the stuff sans sauce :)

Anyways, after our dinner we came home to have brownies and open presents.

Check out Moira helping Daddy blow out the candles! It's the funniest face!

The girls got him a Star Wars t-shirt, a grill brush, some chocolates, and some gum. I got him a new watch that better matches his job status. We had some great family time and lots of fun.

Happy Birthday Kaylon!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, especially our mothers, Elyse and Susie. We are so blessed to have such dedicated, strong mothers who have led us with their examples. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day!

I have to brag a little and say that I was completely spoiled today! Kaylon made us pancakes and bacon for breakfast before we ran off to 8:30am church. Grace and Liliana sang beautifully with the primary during sacrament meeting. After we got home from church Kaylon took over, allowing me to take a much needed nap! He and Grace had some secret plans going on downstairs, so I think it was mutually beneficial. Dinner was gourmet and homemade- bruschetta, Caesar salad, chicken and pasta in a tomato cream sauce, with a (non homemade, but delicious) red velvet cake for desert. There was even a young beautiful waitress waiting on me the whole time! I then got my present- a box decorated by Grace with pre/post baby massage helps- lotions, rollers, oils, etc, and a certificate for a pregnancy massage. Also included was my long awaited charm representing Moira for my mother's bracelet! I always feel guilty wearing it without Moira "on" it, but we just weren't in a place to purchase it when she was born. When baby four will get hers, well, who knows ;). I also received a few cards from Grace and a candy flower she made for me at church today, as well as many hugs, kisses, and praise from my whole family. I am so blessed to have a husband who really makes a big deal out of these holidays and teaches our girls how they should be showered with love as well.

I love being a mother. It's not easy. I'm not always great at it. Sometimes I stink at it actually. But I wouldn't trade it for any other job. I'm nervous about number four coming... that's a lot of people to be responsible for! But I know with the support of my husband, my family, and my friends, I can do it. Course at this point I don't have much choice- check out this pregnant belly!

Happy Mother's Day!