Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaylon!

We got to celebrate Kaylon's 29th birthday yesterday! Liliana started the day off with a bang when she got so excited that she told Kaylon half of the presents we had gotten him the day before. We had a discussion after that about secrets and surprises.

Kaylon got off of work early and we surprised him by taking him out to an Indian restaurant. I have been anti-Indian food since he started to love it, so this was a big deal. Turns out he was just feeding me the wrong Indian food. While Kaylon is a "drown everything in sauce guy" I'm not. Turns out he only introduced me to the saucy Indian food... I have now found out that I like the stuff sans sauce :)

Anyways, after our dinner we came home to have brownies and open presents.

Check out Moira helping Daddy blow out the candles! It's the funniest face!

The girls got him a Star Wars t-shirt, a grill brush, some chocolates, and some gum. I got him a new watch that better matches his job status. We had some great family time and lots of fun.

Happy Birthday Kaylon!

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