Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Day and New Photos

I have been meaning to write this post for 2 weeks, but when your brain has holes in it from lack of sleep, things tend to fall out!

I always get something for Kaylon on Valentines day, but really, it's Kaylon's day- he really likes to take care of his girls, which has been meaning more every 2 years ;) So this year to celebrate with his 4 valentines, he organized a Valentine's Dance in our dining room. He bought finger foods as well as gifts for each of us. Then he took turns dancing with each of us. My dance ended up being a group dance as Moira didn't want to be put down, Liliana begged to join, and Grace followed suit. It was actually quite nice to be dancing all together- we love each of our girls- they are each special and unique. I can't imagine my life without them or Kaylon. I love my family!

And as promised to Grandma Elyse, here are some recent pictures of Moira, since she's changing so quickly. Enjoy!

Moira's First Photo-shoot

Here are the pics from JCPenny's. Grandparents and aunts and uncles, be looking for your copies in the mail :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Olsen Visit

Our friends the Olsens got to go to Germany this past week and they were nice enough to stop by before they flew out and after. Good thing they did too- Fred saved our van from being towed last night (stupid rent-a-cops). We always love seeing them- And we got to surprise them with a visit from Russ, whom we all know from Tucson. We love you guys!

And we promise we will make the trip to Ohio!

Pictures, As Promised

She loves to be swaddled.

I need to remember to get Kaylon to take pics of me with Moira, too.
Asleep in the swing (where she is at this very moment)


Sweet little Moira turns three weeks old tomorrow- the time seems longer and shorter at the same time. Kaylon is back at work and I have survived 3 days at home with 3 kids with not near the growing pains I expected. The girls do have their moments of jealousy, but they never take it out on Moira- they can't get enough of her, in fact. Often I'm steering them away from the bassinet or the swing before they try to pick her up. :)

Grace is having growing pains in her legs- for a while I thought they were imagined, but then she got them while sleeping, so I now believe her. She was very upset about them until I explained what they were and gave her a different perspective- I told her that the growing pains were making her legs longer so that she could go on a "mommy roller coaster" this summer. Now she gets excited to be in pain!

Liliana periodically comes to me with a blanket and asks to be held like a baby. Middle child sydrome is already setting in. She's still a crack up though. While Kaylon was attending to Grace's growing pains, he accidently pulled on her hair, and quickly apoligized. That wasn't enough for Liliana though, who started yelling at him, "No, no, no! Daddy- you timeout! Now! Timeout! One..." Through his laughter, Kaylon told her that he wasn't going to timeout, but she continued insisting. She really is our comic relief!

New pics soon, I promise. Need to remember to bring the camera down to the basement...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pop's and Grandma Jay's visit

Pop and Grandma Jay came to see the new addition last week. We had a great time and Grandma Jay got in a lot of baby holding time ;). Here are some pics from that visit.

Who needs a sister when you have a new dog?

Grandma Jay

Pop and Grandchild #6

Moira's Blessing

Moira was blessed at church on Sunday, February 8th, while both our mom's were here. Kaylon gave her a beautiful blessing. And as you can see- she was beautiful that day too (as well as her sisters!).

Monday, February 2, 2009

And her name is....

Moira Eve

It took a couple hours, but we both really feel like this name fits her. Here are some pictures we took today.
Kaylon couldn't help himself...