Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Here are my trick or treaters! They had a great time this year- I always love watching the youngest one who can talk (this year Moira) as they begin to make the connection between candy and those magic words "trick or treat"! Moira especially was very polite and grateful at each house.

Here is my 4th little lady bug. She was quite memorized by the camera!

I'm pretty proud of Liliana's costume- 5$ for the outfit on craigslist and then a few dollars for the hat at party city and she was the happiest girl around. She adores Jessie, so I was glad I could do that for her.

Moira is SwiftWind, the unicorn of She-Ra. This was a little mommy-magic on my part. She had wanted to be He-Man, but there aren't many He-Man costumes in her size. So I pulled out our old unicorn costume, bought a sword and she was some combination of SwiftWind, She-Ra, and He-Man. Whatever makes her happy.

Grace debated for a while, but finally settled on the Batterina costume. Kaylon added the blood.

Kaylon was trying to do Skeletor, but the permanent smile makes him look a lot like The Joker. He used his deep voice to scare kids on the sidewalk.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grandma Susie's Visit

Mom got to spend the last four weeks with us in between treatments. We were so glad to have so much time with her! She got be here for Violet's blessing, to see the girls in their Primary Presentation, and for lots of fun every day moments. While she was here her hair grew out so much she had to stop wearing her wig, which was exciting. We joked that she and Violet had the same length of hair. :)

Can't wait for another visit when it warms up again!

Get the Gates Up!

Violet is now rolling back to belly AND belly to back. She rolled across the floor this afternoon. And so ends the time of putting her down and finding her in the same spot when you come back.

My baby is growing up. :) :(

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We needed to find a new pumpkin patch this year since Summer's Farm in Frederick was just too far. Belvedere Plantation answered the call. I missed the familiarity of Summers, but Belvedere had lots of activities, and a pick your own pumpkin patch, which we really like. To top it off we had great weather! I just love days like this!

Our four flowers

The Pumpkin Train

Pony Rides!

Grace's dream job (Pumpkin Princess)

Face Painting

Friday, October 21, 2011


Violet rolled over yesterday! From her back to her belly. We didn't see it- the whole family was in the room, talking and playing, and then I looked down and she was on her belly. She loves grabbing toys, blankets, people's hands, plates... you get the idea. And she cut her first tooth this week too! Come to think of it, maybe that's why she's putting everything in her mouth.... Liliana has told me a number of times that she doesn't want Violet to grow up. While I'm excited to see who Violet becomes, I have to agree with Liliana a bit- Violet is growing up too fast!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Violet's Blessing

Violet was blessed today in church by Kaylon. With the crazy summer of giving birth, and moving, and starting new schools, we finally felt sane enough to do it. Mom flew out last weekend, so it seemed the perfect time for it. Dad and Grandma Brandi were also able to make it. Just realized I didn't get a picture of Mom and Violet. Oops. We wish we could have had more family here, especially Grandma Elyse as we blessed her namesake, but things were just crazy when she was out her (see above). But it was still a beautiful day and she was a beautiful baby in her new white dress.