Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sweet little Moira turns three weeks old tomorrow- the time seems longer and shorter at the same time. Kaylon is back at work and I have survived 3 days at home with 3 kids with not near the growing pains I expected. The girls do have their moments of jealousy, but they never take it out on Moira- they can't get enough of her, in fact. Often I'm steering them away from the bassinet or the swing before they try to pick her up. :)

Grace is having growing pains in her legs- for a while I thought they were imagined, but then she got them while sleeping, so I now believe her. She was very upset about them until I explained what they were and gave her a different perspective- I told her that the growing pains were making her legs longer so that she could go on a "mommy roller coaster" this summer. Now she gets excited to be in pain!

Liliana periodically comes to me with a blanket and asks to be held like a baby. Middle child sydrome is already setting in. She's still a crack up though. While Kaylon was attending to Grace's growing pains, he accidently pulled on her hair, and quickly apoligized. That wasn't enough for Liliana though, who started yelling at him, "No, no, no! Daddy- you timeout! Now! Timeout! One..." Through his laughter, Kaylon told her that he wasn't going to timeout, but she continued insisting. She really is our comic relief!

New pics soon, I promise. Need to remember to bring the camera down to the basement...

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Mrs Abbott said...

Can I come over and hold your girls sometime soon? Can we visit teach you this coming week and hold your precious little three/four week old? E-mail or fb me when is the best time for you! Megan
p.s. I'm not sick! A tleast not physically!!