Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Day and New Photos

I have been meaning to write this post for 2 weeks, but when your brain has holes in it from lack of sleep, things tend to fall out!

I always get something for Kaylon on Valentines day, but really, it's Kaylon's day- he really likes to take care of his girls, which has been meaning more every 2 years ;) So this year to celebrate with his 4 valentines, he organized a Valentine's Dance in our dining room. He bought finger foods as well as gifts for each of us. Then he took turns dancing with each of us. My dance ended up being a group dance as Moira didn't want to be put down, Liliana begged to join, and Grace followed suit. It was actually quite nice to be dancing all together- we love each of our girls- they are each special and unique. I can't imagine my life without them or Kaylon. I love my family!

And as promised to Grandma Elyse, here are some recent pictures of Moira, since she's changing so quickly. Enjoy!

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Mrs Abbott said...

A- you're adorable.
B- You're so beautiful!
c- You're a cutie full of charm!

I love your pictures! So cute! So nice of Kaylon to treat his girls that way! Josh and I need to do more dancing together, too!