Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

We had a wonderful Christmas at the McInelly house. On Christmas Eve we visited the alzheimer's home that Kaylon used to work at and we sang Christmas carols and the girls handed out clementines. Grace had the microphone and is becoming quite the entertainer! Liliana finally felt comfortable enough to dance near the end, and was quite a hit as well.

Later we had our Christmas Eve dinner and then headed out to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights. We came home to Kaylon's signature hot chocolate to warm us up. Then Kaylon told the Christmas story, which we then acted out (I played the very pregnant Mary, of course).

The girls then gave each other the gifts they had picked out for each other. Liliana got her first Barbie and Grace got her favorite princess- Aurora.

We made up a plate for Santa and his reindeer- Liliana insisted on the onion!

Santa did eventually arrive after the girls were fast asleep!

I've been telling Kaylon for 3 months now that there is no way that we could afford a Xbox 360... I had him totally fooled until I carried the big box up the stairs to the tree. He told me later that he had a hard time sleeping that night and wanted to go down and peek in the box (wouldn't have helped him- I had put it in another box). He was a happy boy to say the least.

We stopped taking pics after these- it just gets to be too much. So we decided to get a picture of the girls with all their presents together. They are quite the happy girls!

So Grace now knows that the next event is Momma's birthday- and after that- the baby is coming! I guess we should start getting ready for that...


Debbie's said...

You make a lovely, very authentic ready-to-deliver Mary *wink* (1 month to go!!)
How fun! I love that you put the XBox in a diaper box... awesome. The girls look so completely happy- I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas day. Miss you!

Trish Olsen said...

ha ha Kaylon and I had been e-mail back an forth for a couple weeks before christmas about getting a 360 and he told me several time he was not getting one. so the day after christmas he HAD to call me and tell me all about it. :) good job keeping him fulled

The Druhe Fam said...

Merry Christmas! The pics are adorable; I love the idea of the picture at the end with all the presents...great idea!

You are getting SO CLOSE! Ahhhhhh! I can't wait to find out if that's a little BOY in there :)

Mrs Abbott said...

So cute!!