Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jocelyn and Jeremy's Wedding

Well they did it! Jocelyn and Jeremy got married. Everything was perfect, excpet maybe the weather, but hey, we didn't get the hurricane, so we were happy!

Jocelyn was beautiful, of course, and the girls were adorable. Grace and Liliana did a great job as flower girls- Liliana collapsed into a fit just before showtime, but with the help of Jocelyn's dad (thanks Tim!), we got her under control and they were able to walk very slowly down the aisle and won the crowd over. It was too cute.

Then we took some pictures with the party and headed to the recpetion. I, of course, had to embarass myself in my toast... I forgot Jocelyn's ex was the bartender and I made mention how none of her ex's were worthy of her (in order to show how perfect Jeremy was for her). Oh well. Grace was the life of the party- getting everyone out on the dance floor. Liliana did extremely well for only having an hour nap in the car- she enjoyed dancing with Daddy the most since he would swing her around on the dance floor. We were exhasted by the end of the night and were so glad that we got to crash at the Packer's house!

It was a great day and I am so happy that we could be there to celebrate with Jocelyn and her new hubby.

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