Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sick week

So I got a stupid cold this week... I hate not being able to breathe through my nose! I haven't done much this week since I don't feel good. Grace is sweet though- I had a coughing fit and she said, "But daaarling, I don't want you to be sick." Totally something her dad would say.

I'm kinda scared to go upstairs right now. The girls have been up there about 15 minutes... I imagine they have taken all the pillows and cushions off the couches and are jumping on them. And while they can take them off easily, amazingly it's very difficult for them to put them back on... which means that I get to clean them up. :(

At least I have new TV shows to look forward to tonight. And picking up my matron of honor dress. And waffles- I think I'll make waffles for dinner.

Now if I could just breathe through my nose.


Debbie's said...

I once saw a Farside comic where the mother was explaining her ingenious idea to a friend- every thing in the house had a string attached to it, so when the kids made a mess, all she had to do was pull the main chord, and everything would go to its designated spot.
Certainly a strangulation hazard, but it's tempting to consider at time, huh?
I hope you feel better soon! I miss talking to you :(

Katz said...

aye. my boys picked up the cold, too. i hope you feel better soon.

Trish Olsen said...

I HATE not being able to breath But i would rather not breath thru my nose then and my infant sick and not be able to breath out of her nose. Plus being sick while ebing pregnant is HORRIBLE