Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bike riding

Now that the weather is getting cooler (ie less humid), we've been enjoying some outdoor activity- esp bike riding since both the girls really enjoy it. Voila les photos!

Grace on her Dora Bike

You should see this dare devil hit the hills!

Yes... this is a collision course


Trish Olsen said...

How fun. Does Grace like Dora also? Brekke is in LOVE with her. I mean she could be in a horrible horrible mood you put Dora on and shes as happy as can be. :) Looks like they have fun riding together. I cant wait for my girls to get old enought to do that :)

Debbie's said...

That last pic is great. Did you stand by and let them crash so you could get the picture? j/k
They look like they had a blast! Sadly, my kids have not discovered Dora yet... then again, from what some parents think of it, maybe that's ok. Love you!