Friday, April 3, 2009

2 month appointment + bits and pieces

Moira had her 2 month yesterday. She weighed 11lbs 5oz and measured 22 inches long. That keeps her on the 60% curve, for now. Grace and Liliana both fell in the charts after 3 months, so we'll see if Moira does the same (it's fairly normal for breastfed babies to do that). All the nurses were gaga over her (not that I can blame them). Sadly it was an appointment with shots, but she handled those pretty well. Someday she can go to Burger King after getting shots, like Grace looks forward to doing in June :) Here are some new pics for the grandparents:

Kaylon came home early from work today and is at the doctor's office- probably with strep. Ugh. I hope that I don't get it next. But here's the question of the day- if I do get strep, do I get to come home from work early and sleep all day?

Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Anyways, Liliana is talking more and more in sentences. It's amazing to see that happen. It's even more amazing to watch her and Grace have conversations. Yesterday they played with their toy animal for at least an hour. They made up scenarios and had the animals interact together. Grace even had one animal tell another one how to act nice, lol. I absolutely love that they play together so well (usually).

Here's a pic from today with their friends Jack and Charlotte. They were all getting ready for a party. Then out of the blue they started dancing with each other. We're gonna miss the Swensons when they move in May, sniff, sniff...


Mrs Abbott said...

cute kiddos!!

Debbie's said...

Geez- your girls are so cute! Moira is just adorable. That's so sweet about Grace and Liliana playing so nicely together :) Tell Kaylon we hope he feels better and not to kiss you til' he's 100% better :S