Saturday, April 11, 2009

Manassas Trip

I should be in bed. But Kaylon is playing his Xbox and I've had a long day, so I'm destressing on the computer. Fun stuff.

We drove out to Manassas today. A good friend took Grace and Liliana for me, so it was just us and Moira. We met a realtor and he showed us a townhouse for rent. It didn't have a backyard, so it was immediately off my list. He printed a list off for us to look at and choose from for next time. We picked out 2- one we like better than the other- so we shall see.

But overall, we really liked the area. It's laid out better there- less crowded and yet more condensed. Any store or restaurant you could want (expect maybe the Cheesecake Factory) is on this one street. The parking lots are big. The streets are big. It's well manicured. It's suburban, not urban. And I like that. I really liked that everything was right there, instead of having to drive up and down the 270.

And believe it or not that made me feel guilty! I feel at peace about moving there- I think it's the best thing for our family- but I feel guilty. See, any other time we moved it was because we needed more space or Kaylon got a new job. It was a necessity. But this time it's a choice. A judgement that one place is better than another (for us anyway). But I feel like I'm betraying our home here- our friends, our ward, our favorite family walk spots. We're gonna make this huge change that we don't have to- walking away- and I have nothing to blame it on but myself. Not that we could stay in THIS house, but if we really wanted to we could stay in the Village. But we don't. And that's hard to admit because I am really going to miss my friends here. I'm going to miss my routine, and serving in the primary, and knowing how to find my way around town. But I can't deny that this is going to be good for our family- financially and otherwise.

It's time to move on... but it will be a hard 2 months preparing to do it.


Trish Olsen said...

it never easy to prepare to Move the last 2 where the hardest 2 i have ever done I did about 95% of it myself and left the great big stuff for Jeremy to help with. But this new place seems great, I am sure it will be great for you guys. Don't feel guilt in the least. It will just mean that you guys will have twice as many friends to do stuff with :)

Jen said...

I don't know how change can be so exciting and hard at the same time, but I'm sure looking back you'll understand more of why it feels right. Just remember, the Lord doesn't send people to places, he sends people to people!

Emily Hayes Photography- Washington DC Wedding and Portrait Photography said...

I just recommend making the commute at least once before you move. I think it is about 1.5 hours by train, and 66 can be a nightmare. Seriously, there are some great deals on town homes in Gaithersburg right now. You might want to try looking around here before you move.

Emily Hayes Photography- Washington DC Wedding and Portrait Photography said...

Just to clarify, there are great deals if you want to buy... The interest rates are super low and you only have to put 3.5% down. I have been looking and some places go in the low 100,000s... There are a lot of short sales, which can take time to get, but I think now is really the time to buy, if you can manage it. Sorry I am so nosey, I know I should keep my nose out of other peoples business but I can't help it! Good luck with everything!

Debbie's said...

I really like that "people to people" comment :) I hope the change will be refreshing and motivating.. of course, we joined the Air Force considering frequent moves a perk!

Shawna said...

Emilee- We really aren't in a position to buy right now. We wish we were- hopefully next year. As for the commute- it's only 10-15 min longer than what he does now, so it's worth it to us for the savings. and you aren't being nosey, so no worries!