Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Uncle Curt's Visit

Curtis, Lindsay, and Luke flew out to Maryland this past week to visit my dad and us. They came up our way on Saturday to spend the day. We decided to take them to the Washintonian Center- a lake surronded by shopping and restaurants in Rockville. We ate at Californian Pizza Kitchen- in fact we were their first customers of the day! As we were finishing up our meal, Curtis noticed that Liliana had had a blow out. It wasn't until she stood up that we realized the extent. It was literally the worst blow out I have ever seen- up her back, down the back of her pants, as well as down her leg. I walked her to the bathroom, sheilding her from eating patrons, whom I sure would not want their appetites ruined by the sight of my daughter. I cleaned her up as Kaylon ran to the Target down the street to buy her an outfit. Until he arrived she wore her jacket and my nursing shawl as a skirt. I was pretty impressed with my creativity on that one! Kaylon got some outfit advice from a helpful mom at Target, so he came back with a matching outfit and we moved on with our day, but not before Curtis christened Liliana "Volcano butt."

We had been hoping to go bowling, but the ally was full for the day, so to make up for this, I promised Grace that we would get ice cream. So we all stopped for some at Maggie Moos, and then we shopped at Dick's Sporting Goods until it was time for them to leave. We had a great time with them, and I think that they enjoyed the girls' antics (who can resist them?). I really wish that we could live closer to our siblings- I feel like we're missing out on some relationships. Maybe someday the economic center of the US will move to Phoenix... (don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.)


Debbie's said...

WOW about Liliana's performance!! Sounds like you handled it well! You should have posted a pic of Liliana in the outfit Kaylon bought :) I'm glad you guys had fun!

Mrs Abbott said...

i hate blow outs! The boys once did it a lot. Now not so much! Yay!