Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Haircuts and Woodbridge

We all got our haircut today... thought I'd share some before and after pics :) First Miss Grace...


Today (It'll be cuter when I spend some time on it)

Me (Same old, same old)
I saved the more dramatic for last... Miss Liliana
We decided to not go with the bangs, but to grow them out instead. I had her look at herself in the mirror and she couldn't help smiling. It was a cute moment :)
On the housing front, I am an idiot and I miscalculated the distance from Woodbridge to the closest metro. Turns out that Woodbridge is a better commute for Kaylon, so we're turing our sights to there. Housing is comparable and we already have at least 2 friends there (yay Justin and Lauren!), so it seems to be a better choice. We'll be checking out some places there on Saturday hopefully.

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Trish Olsen said...

goodness i LOVE Liliana's hair what a difference shes so dang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!