Monday, April 13, 2009

Thumb Sucking

We are in the process of getting the thumb sucking to end in our house (just as Moira has begun to discover that she has one!). It's a hard road, since both girls do it without even thinking. Grace has been doing pretty well with a reward system- she starts the day out with 5 jelly beans in a bag and then loses one every time we catch her sucking her thumb. I worry though that she does it when she knows we're not around.

We tried that system with Liliana, but she just didn't get it. So Kaylon went out and bought pink duct tape and we started wrapping it around her thumbs today. She thought it was cool for about 30 seconds, and then it sunk in that this was to prevent thumb sucking and she got upset. She's already got one thumb free this morning- the other seems to be on better. I'll have to reapply before nap time. Here's a picture of the tourtured.


Trish Olsen said...

i have heard of putting the sour apple stuff on their thumbs i have heard it works but i don't know if i would do it :) i like the idea of pink duct tape. :) Give Moira a pacifier so she doesn't suck her i would prevent that asap ;) its a hard road

Debbie's said...

Fred and I think the pink Duct tape rocks! You could come up with an intricate way to wrap the duct tape around her thumbs, hands, and wrists (individually)... Of course, I guess a straight-jacket would do the same thing.