Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YES, Drill Sergeant!

Liliana is her own person. She does things her own way, and if she's unhappy with what you're doing, she lets you know. Last night as we were getting ready for bed, Kaylon did something that disturbed Liliana. She grabbed him by his shirt, pulled him closer, and then proceeded to "yell" at him. After a few phrases she leaned into his face, putting her nose to his, and continued giving him a piece of her mind. She totally looked like a drill sergeant! We were laughing so hard we had tears running down our cheeks. I love her independent spirit. Right now, she is my comic relief, well, except when she colors on the walls with crayons or the laptop screen with a permanant marker :O.

Grace is really starting to get how sounds make words. Yesterday she was typing with Kaylon on AIM and she wanted to write 'cought in a net.' I heard her sounding it out and she came up with 'kot' for 'caught.' Makes sense to me! She really likes the PBS show 'Word World' and usually helps the characters sound out the words. woo hoo! we have learning.

Can't forget Moira. She continues to grow bigger- I can't believe that she's almost 3 months old! She smiles all the time now- especially in the morning for whoever is nice enough to get her out of bed, and for Grace, who might now trump Kaylon for her favorite person. Grace can do no wrong with her. It's really sweet to see them interact. Moira is also sleeping better at night (thank you!), making me a nicer person during the day. I took some pictures of her last night, but my camera is upstairs where she is sleeping, so i'll post them later.

As for us, we found 2 places we liked in Woodbridge and one place in our price range here in Montgomery Village. We'll be setting up appointments after we see how a few other things fall into place (probably next week). I need to start packing, but it just doesn't seem urgent yet, and I'm a procrastinator, so it's not happening. But it should- soon... i hope... :)


Destiny said...

Ha, ha! That is too funny. Isn't it fun to watch them come into their own personallities.

Debbie's said...

Liliana is AWESOME. We'll see how cute it is in 10 years ;)
Yay for Grace! The oldest child never ceases to amaze :)
Moira's just flat-out adorable :D