Sunday, May 3, 2009


The girls have been rather talkative lately, which makes for some laughs. As I type this, Liliana is watching the previews to a movie, which included a scene with Cruella Devil, and she started to laugh along with her with her evil laugh. She also called out "Poco!" when Pocohontas was shown (her new favorite movie). But earlier she was even funnier- When we were at church she started to sing (while someone was speaking) and she kept saying "Momma- sing with me!" Then when she was done singing she naturally when right to praying- so she bowed her head, said a prayer, and then loudly exclaimed "AMEN!"

During lunch today I was explaining to Grace that one of her best friends here Jack (and one of my best friends here Liz) are moving in two weeks. :( I told her that they would be moving closer to her grandmas. She thought about it for a minute and then told us that we should move to Arizona too then. I explained that Daddy's job is here, so if we moved to Arizona he would have to take a plane every day to get to work. But she had an answer for that too- "Don't worry, I have a picture of Daddy, so I won't forget him!" I about lost it, but tried to remind her of the things that Daddy can do with her when he's here in person: play with her, give her hugs, etc. Only daddy-daughter dates made her change her mind. I guess Kaylon knows where he stands now.


Debbie's said...

Dang, your girls are SO cute!! I wish I could've been there to hear Liliana during church- what a little firecracker! I'm sure Grace's grandmas will be flattered that Grace wants to live closer to them so badly :)

Trish Olsen said...

i think that's hilarious!!!! don't worry i have a picture completely priceless