Monday, May 25, 2009

It's just not our lucky day (or is it?)

Our A/C has been out for a while now (2 weeks, maybe? my sense of time is warped since Moira was born). This has made life in our house outside of the basement miserable. After trying to fix it, the landlord showed up today with a portable a/c unit, just as the rain started. The rain made me happy, since it will cool off the house a bit. I went into the spare room where Grace has quiet time to open the window, and she was sadly looking at the rain. I asked her if she was sad since we had planned on going to the park this afternoon. She said, "Yeah, it's just not our lucky day, Mom." Maybe not for playgrounds, but it is for cooling down the house!

And since things just can't go right for us, Kaylon just discovered that one of the portable a/c parts is missing. Yippee...

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Debbie's said...

wow... you and Job could have fun swapping stories! I'm glad you got rain- it must have been holding out on us so you could get more :)