Monday, December 14, 2009

Visit With Santa

We had our Church Christmas Party this past Saturday and Santa made an appearance. It wasn't the best Santa I ever saw- you could SEE the pillow shape through his suit, and the top button kept coming undone, causing the pillow corner to poke out. He was a very nice Santa- very good with the kids and trying to be funny and all. Kaylon and I think that he might have been a last minute stand in. Anyways, here are the pics...

Waiting for Santa...

Moira's First Visit with Santa

Liliana actually sat on his lap this year!

Grace was very disapointed that she didn't get to ride on Santa's sleigh. I guess another girl in her class got to do that and Grace figured it was a standard Santa visit activity. She was sad for quite a bit after that. And she asked Santa for a Pillow Pet... sadly Santa was not able to acquire one of those due to high demand... hopefully she won't lose faith in Santa when she gets a scooter instead.

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