Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa's Elves

I admit that it is not beneath me, at this time of year, to use Santa's elves as a means of better behavior. I remember my mom seeing elves out the window often at Christmastime, ready to report us to Santa- and although she used it to cut out some noise or fighting, it also made Christmas that much more exciting. It made the magic even more real.

The other day Liliana was having a particularly difficult moment getting Liliana to say thank you to Grace and so I evoked the warning of elves looking in the windows. I then warned her that if she didn't start acting nice that I would have to tell Santa myself that she was being mean. When Liliana's thank you was still half-hearted and I was about to continue in my threat, Grace interrupted and said,

"It's ok Mommy, she's sorry. Just please don't tell Santa. I want her to have some presents."

Is she not the best big sister ever?


manda carol said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! Even through all the fighting you know those girls are going to be best friends forever as they grow up! Makes me miss MY sisters. :(

Debbie's said...

Grace really is an awesome big sister. I've pulled the "Santa's watching" card, too, although I like the "peeking elves" thing better... I may have to adopt that one