Thursday, December 24, 2009

Moira's First Word

She says Dada now. She started saying it yesterday while Pop was here. Kaylon is thrilled. I am slightly resentful. Maybe that's not the right word- too strong I think, but you know, I'd have liked it to be Mama. Oh well. At least I know she prefers me, even if she says his name.


Jen said...

Shawna, you can feel better. Studies indicate that "Dadda" is just linguistically easier for babies to say. Really.

So I've resigned myself to the fact that it will be Fissy's first words as well.

Teacher Eli said...

I suspect foul play. You know how Matt requires my children to recite, "Daddy loves me best!" before he bribes them with candy? fight back in kind and break out the candy canes, says I.

Wish we were closer and could hear her ourselves!

Debbie's said...

haha! Kai's been babbling "papa" but I'm pretty sure it's just that- babbling. I like the bribery idea. My friend's 14-month old calls her "anani"... at least Moira's not calling you something bizarrely different from "mama" :) Hopefully this means she also cries for him by name... and asks for diaper changes. Miss you!