Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Blizzard

Saturday we had a blizzard here in DC- got some record breaking snow for December. I'm guessing that here in Reston we got between 16 and 20 inches, based on the numbers I've seen in nearby cities. It was a beautiful snowfall- never let up all day. We shoveled a few times on Saturday and then Kaylon and all the neighbors did a big clear out today so that people can get to work tomorrow (and before it freezes). Here are some pictures of our fun.

The view out the back

This is out our basement- I can usually bend at the waist and walk under this branch

The master shoveler

This was only half-way through the day
This was mid-afternoon- Kaylon put Grace down in the snow so that
you could get an idea of the depth.

Sorry no pics of Moira in the snow- she's been sick lately and I didn't want to chance anything.

The last 3 days before school let out for the holidays have now been canceled. How annoying. I don't mind having Grace home- it's just seems unnecessary to me. They've had all day today to plow- why do we need to use 3 snow days? I'm mostly sad because now Grace won't have her class party. On the good side, though, she'll get to spend all Wednesday with Pop when he comes to visit :)

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