Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pop's Visit

Pop made the trek out to see us today and we had a great time! We started out sledding outside. I'll have to get some video from dad of that. I took Moira on her first sled ride, which she seemed to like.

We then ate some lunch, followed by some cookies decorating.
Grace then practiced her piano recital for us- doing an excellent job, by the way. Kaylon has done a great job teaching and she really enjoys preforming for an audience. Then we played some games and hung out for a while. I got some good pics of the girls with Pop. Enjoy!

And Grandma Jay, since I know your are reading this- I wanted you to know that we missed you today! It would have been even more fun with you here!

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Debbie's said...

Aw.. these are all so sweet! I'm so proud of Gracie... I feel pangs of guilt that I don't have any pics of my kids doing the same thing. Kudos to Kaylon. I miss those girls so much!