Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Fieldtrip!

Grace and I got to go on her first fieldtrip today to Frying Pan Park, which is a working farm here in the county. She has been excited all week. This morning she came into our room and asked if it was 9 o'clock yet. Thankfully it was not, or we would have been late. :)

Part of the excitement was that Grace was finally getting to ride the bus. More than half her class rides the bus sometime during the day, so she's been feeling left out. She spent the whole bus ride staring out the window- i imagine for her it's the best view she's ever had driving down the road.

The farm was great, even though it was coooold. They taught the kids about cows- lots of terminology (bulls, calves, udders, etc) as well as practical knowledge. They had a wooden cow set up so that you could 'practice' milking a cow- the kids all loved that. When they asked what we get from cows, Grace raised her hand and said that we kill them and get turkey. At first I was confused as to what she meant, but 10 minutes later I figured it out- she was trying to say that when you kill them you get hamburger, but with Thanksgiving being last week, she got confused. I made sure to tell her later that I knew what she had meant.

We then got to go on a tractor ride around the farm, and finally go on a scavenger hunt to look at the animals up close. Grace said her favorite part was the horses, and her least favorite was not having a stroller to ride on. I enjoyed just being there with her and seeing her have fun.

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Debbie's said...

how cool! (literally) I LOVE the turkey comment... man, I miss your girls!