Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should I Be Worried?

Grace loves presents- mostly receiving them, but giving them too. She has recently taught herself how to wrap presents (with my white computer paper, which needs to stop or I'll run out...). She'll take a toy or book or someone's else's possession, wrap it in paper, make a card, and sign her name. She does an amazing job for a 5 year old.

Now combine that with her love for her daddy, and you have today. She wrapped 6 presents for Kaylon and made a book/card for him.

Each gift had its own small card on which she wrote 'I love you.'

She excitedly gave them to him as soon as he got home. She explained that the heart stickers on the card showed how much she loved him.

Then she gave him the big card/book.
Kaylon flipped it open to find what looked like a story. (She used staples and glue to keep the pages together.)She said that it was a story- "my whole family died. Except for you, daddy. And then I married you, because I love marrying you."

Ummmmm... should I be worried? I mean, Kaylon jokes that he never wants a life insurance policy so that I don't off him, haha, but this girl has it in for me! I DIE, and so she marries my husband? I'm just kidding- I know that she doesn't see it that way, but wow, I never thought I'd have to deal with this. I hope this phase ends soon- I don't like not being #1 in her life.

Here are the rest of her drawings

our houseshe's playing ball
the "gifts" that she gave Kaylon... there was another DVD, the sailing book is my dad's and White Christmas is for sure mine... course, Kaylon might need to brish up on his ABCs...


Debbie's said...

What a talented little artist! And I'm impressed with her writing- she'll be leaving her fellow Kindergartners in the dust ;)
Her logic is just too funny! At least Kaylon can never complain about not being loved... although there WAS that post about moving to Grandma's and that having his picture would be good enough...

Teacher Eli said...

At least Kaylon isn't in on the sabotage. Matt gives the kids treats only after asking, "who loves you best??" They don't get them unless they say, "Daddy loves me best!" Oh, boy. I can't WAIT to see Gracie in kindergarten beating up all the boys. She's going to be a force to be reckoned with!