Friday, July 10, 2009

Grace Learns about Life....

Grace is now of the age that she can understand some of the more bleak parts of life. A few months ago she finally accepted that the meat we eat come from the cute animals she likes to look at. Kaylon has started reading Charlotte's Web to her at night and she has really enjoyed it- especially that spiders drink bugs' blood. Yesterday she decided that she didn't want to go to kindergarten, with the goal of not getting her shots. Nice logic, but it doesn't work. She kicked and yelled as the nurse came closer with the needle, and begged "Not yet doctor, WAIT!." It was amazing how quickly the tears went away when a bag of toys appeared in the nurse's hand, though!

The other thing Grace has picked up is 'more possessions=the winner' (as she called it). Yesterday morning, she was prattling to Kaylon about wanting another disney princess set so that she "could have the most and be the winner." Kaylon tried to tell her about poor little girls that had none and that she should be grateful for what she had, but she just said that it was 'stupid' that those little girls didn't have any, and that she would SHARE with them. Kaylon is now insistant that we do a family service project to show her the poorer side of life. I gave her the idea of giving her Belle to Liliana for her bday in August, since she wants the full Belle set, which would then leave her with 2 Belles. I have my own motivations for this- Liliana wants desperatly to play with Grace's princesses and I'm constantly having to take them away from her, or directing her away from where Grace is hiding from Liliana with them. It would make life easier and it would teach Grace a lesson. Two birds with one stone :)

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