Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grace, the Girly-Girl

I've already related on this blog about Grace being in love with Kaylon. This has actually grown recently to the point that I feel like she's competing with me for Kaylon's love, which is weird. The other day Kaylon scolded her about something, and she came back with quite a zingger. Crying she said,

"Daddy, did you know that every time you yell at me, that you break my heart?"

Kaylon "I do?"

"Yeah, and do you know what else?"


"Every time you yell at me, you give my heart away to someone else."


"Max Estrada." (cries again)

So, here is a video of her other love interest, and her not so subtle way of showing him how she feels. Enjoy!


Rebecca said...

This video is just TOO funny! We had a great time at your house, and most of all - Max loved the company! ;) Thank you!

Katz said...

hahahaha. you guys are in TROUBLE!

Debbie's said...

I think she won that brawl! I'm telling Gregory he has 3 way competition. Let's see if he can win her love in 2 1/2 weeks!