Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Weekend in PA

Well, we are home from our long weekend in Pennsylvania. We had a really wonderful time with the extended family- got to see people we hadn't seen for a while. Actually, Kaylon got to meet some of my family for the first time.

The memorial service was very nice. Mom got to say a few things, as well as her brother and sister in law. There were laughs and tears, and I, at least, went away feeling like she was given a proper "send off". I wish I could have enjoyed the service more though- Moira and Liliana went into whiny mode the minute we got out of the van to go inside. After a few tries taking them out one at a time, Kaylon finally took them both out, and Grace and I sat together for the rest.

Tuesday morning we went to park near my uncle's place and had a picnic lunch and then played on the playground for a while with another uncle's family. We had a great time and are seriously thinking about a trip to Florida next summer to see them and Mickey Mouse. Moira would be 18 months then... so much easier to care for then!

Here are a few pics from our time... we have a ton, so it's gonna be hard to just choose a few.

Mom out on the motorcycle with Jimmy
Kaylon, Frank, and Grace checking out the poison ivy

Moira's Dress for the funeral- I LOVE the hat!

The Troxells and the Girls (these boys were able to charm Liliana, which is saying a lot!)
Liliana... being Liliana

She's a Momma's Girl :D
Grandma Susie and Grace

Grandma Susie and the girls

It's hard to get Brandon to be in a pic, but this one he was more than willing to do

Brandon, Corey, and Daniel

This was going to be a pic of mom and me... oh well, they are cute...

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