Saturday, November 14, 2009

Partners in Crime

We knew when we put the girls together in a full sized bed that there would be some issues- some feet in someone's face, some fighting about covers, so playing waaaay too late. What we didn't know is how much they would love it and how funny it would be.

Last night, about 40 minutes after they were sent to bed they wanted to 'capture' Yoda. Grace bravely delegated the job to Liliana to sneak down the stairs. Liliana peeked around the corner, saw Kaylon standing at the bottom (listening), and booked it back to their room, slamming the door behind her. Grace immediately started convincing her to go back out, ignoring Liliana as she told her how scared she was because daddy was down there. To boost her confidence, Grace dressed Liliana in black (even taking some of Kaylon's socks from our room), and assured her that if she 'hid in the shadows' that daddy wouldn't see her! "You look, and hide in the shadows. Look and hide!" Poor Liliana came out to the staircase dressed in head to toe black, including a black shirt over her head, got scared, and ran back to hallway. She was so scared that she asked Grace for loves. Kaylon could hear Grace patting Liliana's back, but it wasn't quite enough because at that point Liliana ran back to their room. Grace got scared being out in the hallway by herself, so she ran into the room and asked Liliana for loves, and Kaylon heard more back patting.

Kaylon called me up at this point, but I had missed the good stuff and they went back to regular play. We had to laugh at Grace's conniving and Liliana's faithful trust in her sister. And we were both touched at how much they love each other- that they can ask for comfort from each other and that they are willing to give it so freely. We are truly blessed to have such sweet little girls in our home.

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The Kelseys said...

Haha. I got a good laugh out of this.