Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At least I did one good thing today

I haven't had the greatest of days- I have a cold; my hormones are whacked- which lead to a small breakdown when I figured out that I mixed up the day that I was supposed to volunteer in Grace's classroom and so missed it LAST week; I literally yelled at Liliana when she refused to put her shirt on to go get Grace; and Grace loves Byron's mom more than me.

But when we got home from school, Liliana asked me to unbuckle her from the stroller. When I did, she said:

Mommy, you saved my life!

At least I did one good thing today.


Mrs Abbott said...

Shawna, I know how you feel! I yelled at my kids TWICE on Saturday- all four of them! They were goofing off and would not listen to me! I think the sugar they've had this past week has not helped much either!

Destiny said...

We've all had mommy meltdowns. Tomorrow will be better.