Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have been forgetting lately to write down the crazy things the girls are saying- I often end up telling Kaylon at night and then losing the tidbits as I collapse into sleep. Here are some that I remember...

Whenever Grace is sad she likes us to sing, "I am like a star shining brightly," a primary song. Usually it makes her calm down. Liliana has taken to the song lately, so I thought nothing of it when Liliana asked me to put the song on in the van yesterday. I did, and as the music started, I heard a sniffle in the back. I just figured it was her cold. Then I heard another sniffle, more pronounced. A few seconds later, another one. I finally figured out that Liliana associates the song with being sad, so she made herself sad when the song came on!

Kaylon taught Liliana how to wipe down public toilet seats and put toilet paper on for protection. She is so dedicated to the practice that she does it even for the home toilet.

Grace had a part in the Primary Presentation last Sunday, so we were practicing it with her while we were out and about on Saturday. Kaylon was trying to convince her to do her part in a more dramatic fashion than she needed to (think Shakespearean theater). He kept pressing her, and finally she did it- but in a way that mocked him. It was awesome. And he is in sooooo much trouble when she is a teenager!

And just now, the girls decided that Yoda was sick, so they put a blanket on him, surrounded him with stuffed animals, and gave him some loves. Liliana asked what was wrong with him, and Grace said, "It must be allergies. He'll be ok."

Allergies??? Hahahaha!