Saturday, November 14, 2009

Calling Grandma Susie

Friday morning I put Moira down for a nap, and since the girls were playing nicely, I decided to jump in the shower. I'd had a head cold all week and I NEEDED a hot shower. Grace came in just as I was about to get out and told me that Liliana was on the phone. I asked her if the phone had rung, and she said no, so I figured that Liliana was just pretending. I didn't think about it anymore since Grace said Liliana had gotten off.

But I remembered when I got downstairs, and on a whim, I checked the caller ID and saw that my mom had called. I called her back to see if she had in fact talked to Liliana. Turns out that Liliana pressed the redial button on the phone- which lucky for me, the last person I called was my mom! My mom answered the phone and the conversation went like this:

Gma: Hello?
L: HI!
Gma: Hi!
L: What you name is?
Gma: Grandma Susie
L: Oh, Gramma Suuzy? (Lots of jabbering) Ok, bye. (hangs up)

At this point Grandma Susie calls back.

L: Hi!
Gma: Hi Liliana, where is mommy?
L: Mommy in shower.
Gma: oh okay.
L: (Jabbering)

At this point Liliana tried to hang up the phone a few times, but didn't hang up all the way, so the first conversation was repeated a few times since Liliana thought it was a new phone call every time she picked up the phone.

Luckily my mom enjoyed the call :) Still, the phone has been moved so that it is harder for 3 year olds to reach.

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