Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update anyone?

For all of you that are tired of hearing the McInelly housing problems, let me make you a promise- there is NO way that you are more sick of it than I am. I don't like things being up in the air. I like things settled and steady. This is driving me crazy. But here's the update anyway. We do not have a place to live at the moment and we need to be out in 2 weeks. Kaylon went down on Friday with Grace, and put in an application, but someone beat us to it. Most places in our price range have quality or safety issues, so it's taking us longer than we planned. We're expanding our search at this point- for locations and prices. We're hoping the tax cut in Virginia will be enough to make up for it. In the meantime we have make some headway in packing and cleaning so that we can focus on finding a house.

If any of you need comic relief, just come talk to Liliana for a bit. As we were getting ready for dinner tonigt she started singing songs from her church nursery class. She would start with "The more we get together" and named all of us. Next came "The itsy bitsy spider" and then "Popcorn popping." Then she said, "K, Mommy, fold your arms for prayer!" She proceeded to pray as I tried to not laugh out loud. Then as she said prayer for dinner, Grace tried to list some things for her to pray for- Liliana glared at her sister and said, "NO! It's MY turn!!!" Word to the wise, don't get on her bad side!

Grace has taken an interest in space. She found one of Kaylon's college astronomy books as we were packing and was amazed by the pictures of the planets. Today she came home from church with a drawing of the sun and four planets surrounded by black space. I was impressed that she remembered all that! She was also able to answer in Primary that "The Comforter" was another name for the Holy Ghost. She's actually learning! Yay!

Can you believe Moira is almost 4 months old? I can't. It's going way too fast. She's such a good baby. She has a pretty good schedule going- naps really well and eats every 4 hours usually (so much better than Grace eating every 2 hours!). She smiles at anyone that smiles at her, but doesn't want to be held all the time. When we move she'll move into her own room and a crib, which will probably help MY sleep patterns :) Getting the A/C would help too...

So we'll let you know when we finally figure out where we'll be living... cuz one day we WILL have a place to live ;)


Trish Olsen said...

glad to know the kids are keeping you on your feet. Liliana is such a hoot.

Debbie's said...

I love you... and your girls :D