Friday, October 16, 2009

Where does the time go???

Forgive me for the lack of posts lately. Not sure what to blame it on- just a mix of reasons I guess. Here a update on us.

Grace is loving school. She still won't give us details on her day, but we see it in the songs she sings, or when she starts rhyming random words, or explaining a rule. She loves her teachers and they like her too. I'm excited to go to her classroom for snack time today. All the parents take turns bringing in fresh fruit on friday for the class. Lucky for me they had bags of apples on sale buy one get one free. Grace has struck up a friendship with a boy down the street. His mom and I get along well as well. He's an only child, so his mom invites Grace over often to give him something to do. It works out for me as well, although I do miss her.

Liliana is a firecracker as usual. "I do it myself" is her favorite phrase, followed closely by "WHAT?" which she says at random when people are talking to her. She also likes putting people or her toys in time out and reenacting the disciple process. She knows this well, because I am cracking down on the hitting in the house- no more 2nd chances- when someone hits, they go in timeout. So Liliana has started putting herself in timeout right after she hits someone. The incident sounds something like this:

(Scream from Grace)
Liliana- I put myself in timeout.
Grace- Momma, Liliana hit me!
Liliana- I IN TIME OUT!!!

Moira is in love with standing up. She does it whenever she can. I often find her standing in her crib when I come to get her up. She is also getting proficient at climbing stairs- it's probably time to teach her how to go down them, in fact. She also loves food. She tolerates baby cereal and baby food, but she LOVES pieces of whatever we are eating, including peas, green beans, fresh fruit, stuffing, bread, cheerios, and chicken.

Hopefully the weather will warm up next week so that we can go on our annual pumpkin patch visit. We have to find a new one this year, since the one in MD is too far away. I'm having a hard time picking one, since the Frederick one was so perfect. The girls have already chosen their costumes for Halloween: Grace is going to be a fairy, Liliana will be Dora, and Moira a ladybug. They only thing I have to buy is a haircut for Liliana, which I was going to have to do anyway. Don't worry- there will be pictures :)

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Debbie's said...

Nice post :) I'm glad Grace has a neighborhood friend.
LOVE the dialogue! Leora puts herself in time-out, too... but then she screams her head off like I threw her in there, so it's not as cute.