Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cheaters Never Prosper

In between conference sessions and while the younger girls were napping, Kaylon and I decided to teach Grace how to play Stratego (one of our favorites). She watched us play a game and then she hopped onto Kaylon's team. I was getting close to getting their flag- I could tell because Grace was getting more nervous each turn. Eventually she dissolved into fits of fear, cringing behing Kaylon's back. Fear of what, you ask? Fear of losing. So like any 5 year old she came up with a strategy. She pulled Kaylon aside and told him to act like he was hurt, go behind my back to the couch to get a pillow, and peek at my set-up!!!! Holding back a smile Kaylon told her that was cheating and that he'd be happier with her if she lost than if she won by cheating (because it's not really cheating). She gave up and her tactic and continued playing.

Kaylon ended up guilting me into letting her win so that she would play again sometime. He promised I would never have to let her win again.


Debbie's said...

she's so devious!! How funny- you're a good mom :D

manda carol said...

LOVE it! Sounds like a fun time.

The Kelseys said...

Haha Grace is funny! I miss you guys.