Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Parent-Teacher Conference

I got to go in and talk to Ms.Scheufele, Grace's teacher, today. She is so sweet- I really like her. She told me how much they enjoy Grace- how respectful, sweet, and funny she is. She was having trouble in the beginning of the year when told that she couldn't do whatever it was she was doing, but has improved since then (ie she doesn't start crying when she's told no). She is also having trouble staying on topic- she's easily distracted, but Ms. Scheufele said that was developmentally normal. They start assessing her academics soon and then put her in a reading group depending on her reading level. We laughed about some of the things Grace says and talked about what a wonderful girl she is. Overall, it was a great meeting and it's so nice to know that someone else enjoys her as much as we do!

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