Friday, October 16, 2009

Fresh Fruit Friday

Grace's kindergarten class has fresh fruit or veggies as a snack every friday- the parents have all picked a week to bring it in. Today was my day, so I cut up 2 bags of apples and 15 bananas, not quite knowing how much the kids were going to eat. I checked with Grace's teacher, and she said that it was fine that I brought the other girls with me, which relieved me from finding a babysitter (cuz we have yet to find someone to exchange babysitting with). Anyways, we arrive and I helped the assistant teacher clean the tables and set out the food. The class was still practicing rhyming on the rug. I heard the teacher call on Grace for an answer. Grace says, "I want to say something so everyone can hear... (long pause). My mom is over there with my sisters." The teacher allowed them to wave to me, but then brought them back to finish the lesson. It was so Grace. I'm sure she stopped listening as soon as I walked in, too excited to concentrate.

I had a great visit with her. Liliana occupied herself at the kitchen station and Moira sat with me and Grace. I talked to the kids at her table and Grace showed me some of her classroom. It was nice to see her in her new element. It was also hilarious to hear the things the kids would say. I mean Grace says funny stuff, but imagine being in a room full of Graces and then you have kindergarten. Her teacher deftly fielded all the questions and comments, most of which were about a birthday party that some people didn't get an invite to. I had to laugh. They were all adorable.

I wish I could volunteer more in her class, but I just don't have the babysitting support that I used to. Just another reason I still miss MV. Oh well, someday my last child will get all my volunteer hours :D

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