Saturday, September 5, 2009

Taking out the trash

We have (had) and nice book of stories that I really enjoyed reading to the girls that they destroyed over the years. The cover is gone and now pages keep falling out, so Kaylon decided that it should go in the trash. In an effort to impress on Grace how not taking care of her things can lead to throwing them out, Kaylon told her what he was doing. She was devastated and hid herself under a blanket. Then she shocked Kaylon by crying out, "Fine, then just throw me in the trash!"

It seems to be her new mantra too, but it's kinda our fault. She is currently throwing a fit, which was started when Liliana accidentally bumped into her, messing up the story that she was drawing. When I told her to go to her room, she came out again with, "Just throw me in the trash." We couldn't help it- we burst out laughing. Since then she has used a litany of similar phrases: Throw me away, send me far away, send me away please, send me to Arizona, and these are your choices, you can throw me away or you can kill me. That last one came out just as I was typing the list.

Can we say dramatic? I'd like to blame it all on her father, but I know that my genes play a part too.

I just explained to her that I love her, daddy loves her, and Heavenly Father loves her, and so we will NEVER throw her away, and talking about killer her is not ok. After she cried through her anger and saw some love from me, the walls fell away and all she wanted was some love. She's reading with Kaylon on the couch now.

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Debbie's said...

wow. I thought she was being silly at first, but understood near the end that she was truly upset. It's sweet she was distraught about the book. Being 5 can be SO hard!