Thursday, September 10, 2009

I knew it was going to happen sometime...

Grace came out of the school today in tears. I hurried over to her to ask her what was wrong, and between sobs she told me that she wasn't allowed to bring a picture home that she had made for daddy. Both of her teachers came over to explain that they were making things for the Parents' Night that she could bring home later, but not today. I told them not to worry- that Grace can be dramatic at times, and that she'd be ok. Her teachers were very kind and tried to cheer her up. Liliana was nice enough to share a PB cracker with Grace- she was genuinely concerned that Grace had come out of school crying.

Self-taken picture

On the way home, Grace asked if Liliana had missed her. I explained what had happened earlier (see my last post). So Grace took it upon herself to tell Liliana that she "had to go to school so that she could learn." To which Liliana replied, "Oohhh."

And then at home I put Moira on the floor for some playtime, left the room for a moment, and then came back to find my baby, whom I had put on her tummy, sitting up supported by one arm. I couldn't believe it. I took a bunch of pictures. She seemed more comfortable on her knees too. She's quite the troublemaker- I'm gonna have to baby proof this weekend!

See Mom?! No Hands!

Here she is caressing the carpet.


The Kelseys said...

oh my goodness...Moira is getting so big! And I can't believe Grace is already in Kindergarten. All your girls are so cute! I definitely miss you guys.

Debbie's said...

AW- poor thing! Charla is still mad at her teacher for keeping the "about me" star we filled out for HW this week.
LOVE the pics! Your girls are so gorgeous- you need to make a boy next to beat off the boys that will be knocking down your door!!