Thursday, September 10, 2009

After the 1st day of school

Grace is hopefully enjoying her third day of school as I type this. School was a little less 'boring' yesterday, according to her. This might have to do with being able to go to the playground and cut out shapes (Grace LOVES using scissors). She found out the name of the sad girl (Gretel) and said she was her best friend, but that she is still sad. She also got in a little trouble yesterday, which meant that she was told to get back in her seat (on the 1st day she was talking when she wasn't supposed to). All these rules she's learning!

Yesterday was the first day that we got there on time, so we got to see how the drop off routine usually goes. The AM kindergarten is led out by the assistant Kindergarten teachers to their parents or the buses and then the come back with the PM bus kids in line, which the walker kids join. As Grace walked into school, she looked back and yelled, "Bye mom! I love you! And Moira!" And then as a side note, "And Liliana!" hahaha!

Liliana, on the other hand, misses Grace. She and Moira both go down for a nap right after we get home, but as soon as she wakes up she goes downstairs calling for Grace. And today as we were walking home, she asked where Grace was. I told her she was at class and that we would come back and pick her up later, and was that ok? She replied, "No, it's NOT ok." Poor thing. And she is truly excited when we pick up Grace- usually giving her a hug and everything.

It is so bizarre for me to have a written in stone schedule. I used to go to the gym most days, but I could blow that off if something else came up. I can't blow this off, and it feels weird. It's good for all of us though. And hey, I've lost 2 lbs since Grace started school 3 days ago, so that's ok too!


Allison said...

Having a schedule is very weird - I'm having a hard time getting used to it!

Debbie's said...

lol- congrats on the 2 lbs- keep up this rate and you'll be wasted away to nothing by the time we see you in November!
I'm grateful for the return of a schedule with the start of school- gives my days some structure! And it also makes me anticipate the weekends along with the kids- sleeping in!! ;)