Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break: Part One

Kaylon got 4 days off for Spring Break (one benefit of working for a university) so we decided to plan some day trips (instead of just sitting on our butts all that time). I'm so glad we did- we all had a great time.

Last Friday we invited my dad, and went to Baltimore to the Children's Museum there- Port Discovery. I had never been before but it was amazing. They had a huge climbing structure in the middle that you could use en lieu of elevators to get to the other floors. Each floor had multiple stations. I think our favorite was the water room- you can build water fountains or sail a rubber ducky down a stream. They provide rain jackets and crocs to keep you dry. The girls had the best time and Moira stayed fairly happy the whole time, thanks to the sling. After the museum we went to eat at ESPN Zone (my first time!).

The ball pit

Moira in her carseat looking cute

Our cowgirls roping daddy

Pop and Liliana

Why can't Grace look normal in pictures?

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Debbie's said...

Good for you guys, getting out! It looks like it was fun :) I have a hard time getting flattering shots of Charla, too.. must be an "oldest daughter" thing ;)