Friday, March 27, 2009

Bath Time!

Moira has decided that she does, in fact, like bath time, which is a relief to me. She's very cute as she kicks and (accidently) splashes. Check out her rolls :)
Right now she's looking in amazment at herself in a toy mirror. Don't know how much longer she'll entertain herself, though.
I'll try to weigh her at the doc's this afternoon- looks like Grace has strep throat. You know Grace is sick when she agrees to take a nap without a fuss. Poor thing.

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Debbie's said...

I was so sad when my #3 didn't like bath time- it's one of my favorite times :) I'm glad Moira's a fan of it! She is SUCH a little cutie! I love how she is totally her own little person! Sorry to hear that Grace's sick... no fun :(