Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving (Again)!

After a lot of thought we have decided that we need more room when our 4th little girl arrives. Our townhouse right now is great except for 2 things: super small bedrooms and a small eat in kitchen. The living space is great, but those other 2 things are kinda important. So we began our search again for a 4 bedroom rental, since we aren't comfortable buying right now due to the market and our unknown work status in 5 years- we could be here, or we could be in London for all we know. To afford a rental like that we knew we'd need to move to Southeast Maryland, Woodbridge, or Manassas, VA. Since we don't feel like changing state status again we focused on Woodbridge. It has many transportation options (bus, train, sluglines), good schools, cheaper housing, and our friends the Smiths! After a few weeks of searching, some reshaping of priorities, and lots of prayer, we have signed a lease for June 1st! We'll double rent the month of June so that it will be less stressful (with the baby coming around June 9th) and so that Grace can finish school. Then we'll have July and August to get settled before Grace and Liliana start a new school in September. Here are some pictures of our new 5 bedroom, 2 full bath place!

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