Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Liliana's Kindergarten Orientation

Yes, it's that time, can you believe it? Liliana will be 5 before school starts in the fall which means that she will be heading off to kindergarten! We've been debating for the last 6 months on whether to hold her back or not, but in that time she has matured a lot and we've started to recognize her learning style. Liliana does things when she feels like it. If I can twist an old saying- you can try to teach Liliana the alphabet but you can't make her learn it. She refused to learn anything for years- colors, letters, numbers- nothing. But in the last few months she has learned them all! And she enjoys in now too. With those things behind us, we've decided to move forward with school, with the plan to pull her out if she doesn't take to it, since she will be a very young kindergartener.

So, back to orientation. Liliana was excited as soon as I told her (the day before). She kept asking when we would be going (over and over and over). Finally we got to go- just the two of us- and she ran up the hill to school. She loved her name tag and pencil. She said hi to people and was outgoing. When they took the kids to the classroom, she left me with a quick "bye!" and hurried off with the others. I saw them taking their tour of the school, and she was the line leader- holding the teacher's hand. I'm not sure if that was because she wasn't listening, too excited, or just a coincidence. She looked soooo happy. She just loved being a big girl. When we joined back with the kids, we got to take them outside for their first school bus ride. Another huge thrill for Liliana. She had a huge grin and waved from her seat. I had been so afraid of school since she has such a hard time at church, but she proved me wrong. Of course I realize that after being at school for a whole day she might change her mind and we might go through some growing pains, but that's all part of growing up. The important thing is that she had a good experience :)

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Debbie's said...

What a sweet experience! I hope it all works out smoothly this Fall. I know she'll do beautifully :)